GSG Global Marketing

NFT Launchpad | Marketing Services | Creative Development 

GSG is helping creators tokenize artwork and leading innovative projects that leverage decentralized networks.  Our goal is to create more use cases for NFT technology.

Why Choose Our Platform?

We are a small and independent platform that can focus more on curating great NFT projects. We work closely with our creators to develop a strategy that promotes community and utility.

We realize that one of the major barriers to entry into crypto is the difficulty of buying, moving, and selling crypto. We set up our processes for the new crypto user that promote education through the process.

GSG Marketing is a grassroots organization that began teaching listeners about the value of Gold and how to diversify income.  Since 2019, our network and community have grown because GSG has been innovating in this space.

GSG uses Discord and Telegram to provide support to the community of investors and creators who believe in our brand and business model.  It is our mission to help educate as much as profit from blockchain technology.

Our team of developers is very technical in nature, however, our consultants can easily translate things in a way you can understand.  We have over 25 years of experience managing technical projects.

As mentioned previously, crypto education is the top priority and is a core part of our processes.  As we consult, we also teach our clients how to successfully launch their NFT or token projects.

Since markets are mostly unregulated, crypto projects need respected social influencers to help inform the public.  Consumers look to trusted sources to help make decisions on investments.


The 80/20 Contract pays holders dividends in ETH, BSC, and MATIC when users buy or sell GS50 tokens. The GS50 is the native currency in The 80/20 Ecosystem.