Afro Beats Mixtape #1|by djspade1

By GSG Global

They don’t call him Spade1 Worldwide for nothing!  The next edition to the Minutes of Madness Live Mixtape Series is the African Beats Mix #1.   View the playlist and mint your NFT on the official mint site – The Minutes of Madness Mixtape Series is a collection of Live mixes by djSpade1 performed on 101.1 Tha Fam Radio


You will be directed to our secure mint (checkout) page and will need to allow your Metamask wallet to connect to our website in order to transact.  You must also have enough Matic on the Polygon network to secure this asset.  If you have never used the Polygon Network you must first add the network to your Metamask configuration.  Use Chain List to easily add the network.  If you need to move assets to Polygon, use the Evo Defi website to bridge assets from other blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, and Fantom Networks.

If you experience any issues while attempting to purchase this NFT, send a message to our Discord general chat area for assistance.

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