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There are 500 total cubes that can be minted and much of the cube supply has yet to be named. Once the cube has a named owner it cannot be changed unless 2 conditions are met:

1. The cube asset holder is also the person named on the cube. KYC will be needed to verify. Holders of their own cube can change the name once.

2. Any player whose name appears on a cube can opt-out and have their name removed from the game. KYC required. If a player opts out the cube will be un-named. The holder of the un-named cube can have their name added using the Name Service, or wait for a new name to be added from the game.


There are 6 sides to the cube and 5 of those sides can be changed using our Cube Name service. Again, the cube’s primary goal is to bring awareness through advertising on the cubes. Anyone who owns a cube can customize their cubes with a company logo, special message, or virtually anything you want to display. Our team does reserve the right to turn down any offensive images or language from entering the cube space. 

The idea is to accumulate cubes and brand them with your own markings. Make your cube attractive to potential buyers or just hold them in your wallet. The players with the most brand recognition will get awarded meta locations inside the upcoming Metaverse experience. Only the BRAND SIDES count towards winning the locations. Cubes will also be used to attain certain levels in the game and to coordinate treasure hunts. There will be 500 locations inside the game for cube holders to display their cubes.



Each side of the cube has a purpose:

NAME SIDE 1st Position — Name cannot be changed unless it’s by special request.  The NAME SIDE is designed to memorialize supporters on-chain.

BRAND SIDE 2nd Position — Your logo applied to all 500 cubes. Corporate branding cannot be changed unless their position is out bid.

MESSAGE SIDE 3rd Position — Add a message to your cube.  message must fit on cube and cannot be offensive. 10 Cube minimum.

SUB BRANDING SIDE 4th Position — Sub branding sides are applied to 1/4 of the token supply leaving room for 4 sub-brand sponsors.

GAME SIDE 5th Position — Used in the game to communicate messages to players on hunts and missions. Cube owners will be able to rent out this space to earn income inside the game.

GAME OWNER SIDE 6th Position — The Game Owner will resume the duties of the Name Service and become project coordinator. GSG will transition to a consulting role only.

Meta-Tag and Bidding

BIDDING VALUE for Brand sides starts at the base price, but increases as new bidders come into play. Currently, no one has bought any brand spaces so the BB, SB, and GO values start at zero (0). As Sponsors come aboard, the last staked price will be visible in the meta tag.

In order to win a bid  pay 25% more than the last paid sponsorship and you automatically secure a BRAND SIDE until the next open bid. Bidding opens 30 days following the last winning bid and remains open until a new sponsor steps in.

Paid Services

NAME SIDE is either awarded by GSG or bought for $499. Only names can be added to this side of the cube.

BRAND SIDE — Corporate brands are applied to ALL the cubes. The price to change the BRAND SIDE for all cubes will be a 25% increase from the last sponsorship. The previous sponsor will be refunded its stake and the new sponsor will be added to the cube. Stakes are only returned when a new sponsor covers the previous stake.  Sponsors can raise the bid to any amount to secure longer placements on the cube.  $1499 Stake. 

MESSAGE SIDE — Must own a minimum of 10 cubes. Holders of 30 cubes or more can add two messages. Message must fit on the cube and cannot be offensive in nature. We will reject any hate, racist, or other offensive messages. One fee for all the cubes in your wallet. $125.00

SUB BRANDING SIDE — Sub Brands are applied to 1/4 of the token supply. Sponsors can raise the bid to any amount to secure longer placements on the cube.  $499 Stake

The GAME OWNER SIDE — This represents The Magic Cube business owner and will take over the operation of the Magic Cube NAME Service. All profits from Magic Cubes will be transferred to the new owner. The new game owner can update the game rules and gameplay but must operate under the Metaverse game rules. 2.5M – Contact us

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