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GSG is hard at work helping artists launch their projects, but also actively launching their own NFT projects.  Hover your mouse over the project and click on the orange link icon to be forwarded to the mint page.  GSGNFT operates on Binance, Polygon, and Ethereum Networks.  You can also buy our NFTs with a debit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At this time we are working with creators on a one to one basis. Send an e-mail to and type “NFT Submission” in the subject line. We will review your work and contact you directly with a decision.

Creators are paid on a 70/30 split with 5% reserved for referral bonus (optional). This leaves the creator with 65% equity in the each sale if they have a agent/sponsor. Creators will need to have a crypto wallet that they control to receive crypto payments, and a bank account to receive cash payments.

Yes we do! GSG collects 10% royalties from secondary markets and pay the creator directly.

GSG launched the Access Key NFT and Community Staking NFT’s that can be used on The 80/20 Website to collect rewards from NFT sales. The Access Key staking pool takes in 5% and Community Pool 3% of sales. The Access Key pool splits 100% of the pool evenly to stakers, but the Community pool rewards lower token ID’s higher. Simply visit the The 80/20 website to get started either on Binance Smart Chain or Polygon Network.
GSG Global does not have a white-paper, but we do have a vision to introduce as many reputable artists to the crypto space using blockchain and NFT technology.
Yes you can! If you own an Access Key or Community token you can claim rewards. You can also earn income by using your referral link on The 80/20 website and earn 3% on your clients transactions. You can also sponsor a NFT creator. 
This is a great question. At the moment we have a few on ETH, but the costs required to use the ETH blockchain does not fit with our operating standard. We do not feel simple transactions should be a cost burden to our consumers, so we decided to use both Polygon and Binance chains for most of our NFT’s.
You can send us an e-mail to or you can book a 15 minute initial call with us. If this is not an initial call please book a consulting call.

GSG Founders

GSG is working to educate creators and help them monetize their assets.  Blockchain offers us this unique opportunity.

Rico Cunningham


At GSG we believe in helping others achieve their dreams and improving the world around us.

Joel Cunningham


GSG focuses on building wealth through digital assets and blockchain technology. We believe this is the largest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetime.

Howard Harvey


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