The Hassan Malik NFT


In honor of our brother, Hassan Malik, GSG Global Marketing has issued this NFT to represent a 1-year membership to the GSG Discord Server and community.

While holding this asset you will be regarded as a VIP and can access hidden channels on the GSG Discord server after verifying your wallet. VIPs receive whitelist invitations to special NFT projects and free airdrops from GSG. You will also be considered part of the Alchemy Club, a more private community inside of GSG which has its own server channels.

VIPs on the GSG Discord server have access to private voice and text channels and will also receive discounts from the GSG Merchandise shop.

Category: VIP Membership

Distributor: GSG Global Marketing

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

This product does not contain any inherent value and is not deemed a currency or security. This is not a crowdfunding or initial coin offering. You understand this digital collectible must be delivered to a secure digital wallet of your choice. We recommend using Meta Mask Wallet to secure your digital collectibles.

Blockchain Polygon
Type ERC-721
Dimension 720px x 600px
Filesize 400 MB
Format .gif and .mp4
Metadata Decentralized IPFS

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