Jay-Z Tribute by Martin Underwood

0.1 BNB or 20 MATIC

The Jay-Z painting by Martin Underwood is a salute to the music and business icon for adopting crypto into his business model. There is only 1 physical Jay-Z painting and 600 serialized NFT's availble. (0-99 Platinum) (100-299 Gold) (300-599 Blue) The NFT's are minted in serial order. Visit Jay-Z Tribute NFT on Opensea to see the entire collection.

Format: ERC-721

Network: Polygon and Binance Smart Chain

Category: Physical Artwork

Distributor: GSG Global Marketing

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

This product does not contain any inherent value and is not deemed a currency or security. This is not a crowdfunding or initial coin offering. You are simply purchasing a digital collectible that will be used in a future online game developed by GSG. You understand this digital collectible must be delivered to a secure digital wallet of your choice. We recommend using Meta Mask Wallet https://metamask.io to secure your digital collectibles.

Blockchain Binance Smart Chain and Polygon
Type BEP-721 ERC-721
Dimension 800px x 1080px
Codecs AAC, H.264 HD
Filesize 786 KB (785,690 bytes)
Format .mp4 and .png
Metadata Decentralized

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