Lenny's Llamas

0.08 BNB or 20 MATIC

A collection of 9 Llamas backed by original music and animation. Lenny's Llamas was created by Leonard Jones, a well-known drummer from Virginia, who was inspired to create the NFT after touring a safari and spotting the Llama. Leonard actually took this photo from the window of the car!

This collection showcases Lenny's music production skills as each of the Llamas has it's own music soundtrack. The Llamas also spotlights a new utility case for NFTs because artists who own a Llama can get into his beat club for music licensing rights. Inside the Llama beat club, artist can collaborate and get white listed for special beat drops that includes usage rights. Llama Beat Club on Discord

Category: Membership Token

Distributor: GSG Global Marketing

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This product does not contain any inherent value and is not deemed a currency or security. This is not a crowdfunding or initial coin offering. You are simply purchasing a digital collectible that will be used in a future online game developed by GSG. You understand this digital collectible must be delivered to a secure digital wallet of your choice. We recommend using Meta Mask Wallet https://metamask.io to secure your digital collectibles.

Blockchain Binance Smart Chain and Polygon
Type BEP-721 ERC-721
Dimension 1616x x 2160px
Codecs AAC, H.264 HD
Filesize 32 MB (31,229,934 bytes)
Format .mp4
Metadata Decentralized

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