The Magic Cube

0.1 BNB

The Magic Cube spotlights the community behind the GSG ecosystem by brandishing the names of all 89 GSG Patreon members since the group was established in 2020. The genesis supply of 90 cubes was air-dropped to GS50 Loyalty holders on Binance Smart Chain in February 2022, and there are 500 cubes in total that can be minted.

Every cube is an advertisement billboard and the game starts with the GSG, 80/20, Polygon, and Binance markings, but the cubes are designed to be rebranded. The Name Side is the only side that cannot be customized which leaves 5 sides per cube with a potential of 2,500 squares of advertisement space.

Anyone holding a cube can have their cube customized by using the CUBE SERVICE options. Your custom cube design will be applied to all the cubes you hold in your wallet. The Magic Cube is the first asset deployed in a planned Metaverse game by GSG. Cube owners will be able to display their cubes in 500 predetermined meta locations inside the game. Read the game rules at The Magic Cube Mint Page -

Category: Game Asset

Distributor: GSG Global Marketing

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

This product does not contain any inherent value and is not deemed a currency or security. This is not a crowdfunding or initial coin offering. You are simply purchasing a digital collectible that will be used in a future online game developed by GSG. You understand this digital collectible must be delivered to a secure digital wallet of your choice. We recommend using Meta Mask Wallet to secure your digital collectibles.

Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Type BEP-721
Dimension 833px x 1000px
Filesize 110.8 MB (110,786,325 bytes)
Format .GIF
Metadata Decentralized

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