Discover new NFT Projects and artists.  We are bringing to life physical artwork into the digital metaverse.  Our NFT cultivator is also helping everyday people discover the many use cases for NFT technology while also bringing to life real asset ownership.

Teleport to our Gallery and Lounge in Decentraland for a virtual experience!  The lobby is open to the public, but the upper floors are reserved for NFT pass holders.

Live Streaming Schedule

Join us once again this Friday Night for another free virtual entertainment experience in Decentraland.  

Teleport to our building on September 9th, 2022 and @Spade1worldwide (IG) @djSpade1 (Twitter) will be performing live in the public lobby.  There is no cost to attend this event but you need to create an Avatar.  Use Metamask to login to Decentraland and you can save your custom Avatar.

Wear our 80/20 Track Suit to these events and qualify for NFT and GS50 airdrops!


September 9th, 2022 – 9PM EST

September 16th, 2022 – 9PM EST


djSpade1 – HipHop

djSpade1 – HipHop

Our Newest Projects

a non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique

GSG Membership

GSG Membership NFT

Join The GSG Discord server with a special VIP role to access private content. This access is granted for 1 year.

Spectrum NFT

Spectrum NFT

A special project to support families on the spectrum. A project by S Abram Enterprises to raise capital for families in need of professional support.

Lenny's Llamas

Llama Beat Club is being built to allow music licensing rights for artists and producers. Owning one of the original Llamas grants you access to the founding club.

The Magic Cube

NFT Advertising cubes on the binance smart chain. Use the cube naming service to personalize your cubes.

Purchasing Your NFT

Before you can purchase an NFT you must have a crypto wallet with enough funds available.  You will also need a basic understanding of how to interact with Web3 platforms.  Once you successfully complete your transaction your NFT will be delivered directly to your crypto wallet.

Install the MetaMask Wallet extension into your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave browser.  This allows your browser to interact with Web3 enabled platforms such as ours.  If using a mobile device you can use Trust Wallet or MetaMask.  When installing your wallet, pay special attention to securing your seed words or private keys.  We recommend learning more about protecting your crypto wallets before making any purchases.

After installing your MetaMask wallet you will need to exchange your fiat currency into the currency we support on our platform, which is Ethereum, MATIC, and Binance Smart Chain BNB.  There are many ways to accomplish this but we recommend establishing an account with Kucoin to for spot market trades and currency exchanges.  If you need help, join our Discord server and one of our trainers can help you with this process.

After exchanging currency and sending it to your Meta Mask or Trust wallet, you can now buy the NFT of choice.  When you complete your purchase the NFT will be transferred into your crypto wallet.

Our Partner Network

GSG is quickly growing partnerships with influencers in various industries related to wealth building through knowledge share.


Social Experiment


Learn Trading from Pros

GS50 DeFi

GSG crypto Economy


Cryptocurrency Exchange


Earn by networking




Charting Tools


Marketing and Design

GSG Staking Pools

GSG has a history of gifting crypto to its supporters and our Access Key and Community staking pools are no different. By staking your NFTs in our pools you qualify to claim rewards paid in $MATIC or $BNB.

Access Key Staking NFT

Holders of the Access NFT can choose to stake it and receive a share of the Access Key Staking pool.  The pool receives 5% of NFT transactions generated on this platform.

The NFT can be purchased at our partner site The 80/20 using Matic, BNB, or GS50 tokens.  Claim rewards in $BNB or $MATIC when staking the NFT.  There are only 500 Access Key NFTs available.

Community Staking NFT

Holders of the Community NFT can choose to stake it and receive a share of the staking pool.  The pool receives 3% of NFT transactions generated on this platform.

The NFT can be purchased at our partner site The 80/20 using Matic, BNB, or GS50 tokens.  Claim rewards in $BNB or $MATIC when staking the NFT.  Max supply is 5000 Community NFTs.

Smart Contract Design & Technical Consutling

We will work with you to customize your NFT or Token project.

Creators Sell Your NFTs on Our Launchpad

Only approved projects are added to our launchpad. 

Discover New Artists & Creators To Invest in Their Projects

Explore beautiful digital art by talented artists.

Become a Talent Scout and earn up to 5%

Add new, trending and rare artwork to your collection.

Launch Your Project With Us

Let us help you bring your vision to life. Our team of creators, blockchain developers, and social influencers will work together to help you launch your project successfully.


Schedule your consultation with our experts to discuss your needs and project idea. We will prepare a proposal with the items we discussed.


project Design

After accepting the terms of the proposal, we will begin working on your project roadmap. This will give us a clear vision of what is needed and timelines.


Project Launch

Once your project is ready and approved, we will begin executing the planned launch.